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The sites I have made are designed for small businesses, keeping the following in mind:

Eye-catching design

The main goal for all sites is that they will catch the attention of your target audience.  What good is a website that looks like everyone else's?

Easy navigation

All sites are created to be easy to navigate, with buttons and links in obvious locations, making sure your audience can find their way to everything they are looking for.

Unique art
Almost all graphics are custom made, giving each site a unique look.  Very little "stock art" is used, and even then it is extremely rare, usually used for certain buttons. 

Fast load time
The sites have no flash, no extra ads, and load very quickly.  Images are designed to take up as little bandwidth as possible, while retaining a great look that sets them apart from the standard "cookie-cutter" sites that can be acquired for free.

Like I said, these sites are aimed at small businesses.  Most small businesses don't have the extra cashflow for pricey corporate designs with features that you don't need and won't ever use.  You and your business have a unique set of needs, and so, all prices are assessed on a case-by-case basis.  Send me an email at, with some information on what you are
looking for, and I will get you a price.

To the right, you can see brief images from websites I have designed. 

For a closer look, give one a click and see how the design turned out. 

The Latest Sites (with new logos!):



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